Welcome to Covai Film Studio, the foremost voice dubbing recording studio in Coimbatore, which has served as a beacon of creativity and innovation for over two decades. Our rich legacy and expertise make us the go-to destination for all your audio and visual needs in Coimbatore, the city renowned for its film industry. .

Our comprehensive offerings include Dubbing and Sound Recording, Video Editing, Stereo Mix, 5.1 Mix, Ad Film Making, Podcast Story Narration, and an exclusive Diploma in Sound Editing and Dubbing in Coimbatore, tailored to nurture the audio professionals of tomorrow.

With a strong foothold in diverse industries, including Media, Corporations, Film, Manufacturing, TV Channels, and the Gaming sector, we've completed over 20 years as a leading recording studio in Coimbatore. Our portfolio boasts more than 250 Short Films, 150+ YouTube videos, 100 Songs, 100 Voiceovers, 100 Ad Films, 50 Documentaries & Corporate Videos, 30 Motion Graphics/2D Animation projects, 20 Promotional Videos, 10 Web Series, 5 Feature Films, 2 Cartoon Series, 2 Games, and a wide array of other formats.

Covai Film Studio isn't just a studio; it's a testament to creativity, passion, and precision. Whether you're an artist, a filmmaker, or a content creator, we're here to bring your vision to life and ensure it resonates with your audience. Join us on this remarkable journey, where experience meets innovation, and where your success is our mission.



Meet the visionary behind our success, Mr. Ramakrishnan, with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the film and recording industry. As the driving force behind the Recording Studio in Coimbatore and Film Studio in Coimbatore, his expertise has shaped our legacy of excellence. With a passion for audio-visual innovation, Mr Ramakrishnan continues to lead and inspire, ensuring our studios remain at the forefront of creative endeavours. Discover the wealth of experience and commitment to quality that defines our founder's leadership, guiding Covai Film Studio to new heights in the realms of sound and film production.